The Artwork of Sarah Towle
The Artwork of Sarah Towle



A self-taught artist, living and working in North Wales with a passion for British wildlife and folklore.

Growing up on the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm and the stories from Beatrix Potter had an early influence and has shaped the direction my artwork has taken.


I have a passion for stories and storytelling for folklore and the tales of the land which is apparent in my work and always strive to bring the viewer back to more nostalgic roots of the fairy tales of their childhood, of Big Bad Wolves and trails of breadcrumbs leading down less trodden paths.

It’s hard to remember a time in my childhood that wasn’t spend with a pencil in my hand or when the weather permitted, out  exploring nature. So it was inevitable that my life would continue down that path, and so after leaving school and art college I headed down south and studied Model Design and Special Effects at the University of Hertfordshire. Although I loved exploring different disciplines and vastly broadening my skill set, illustration always drew me back.
I am once again based back in North Wales were I split my time between being an artist and working as a country and heritage park warden, where I get to spend much of my time outdoors surrounded by woodland. I work hands on with British wildlife and delivering outdoor education to school groups, highlighting the importance of caring for our natural world.

My other life-long passion is folklore.
Folk traditions have always fascinated me and have had a strong influence on the direction my illustration work takes, of the connection to the land and the beings within it.

My artwork is a meeting point of both academic and traditional views of the natural world, a place where old wives tales mix with the findings of Victorian explorers and up to date science.






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